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Find out more about BIU's online MBA, master's and PhD programmes.

The cost of each programme may vary, as well as the scholarships and benefits available to each student. For more information, please use our contact channels.

Our programmes are 100% online, offering you greater flexibility and adapting to your availability.

BIU implements a 100% online teaching methodology that ensures high impact. You will acquire knowledge, practical skills and networking in areas of knowledge that are in high demand and projection, leading to your professional success locally and globally. Learn more reasons to join BIU.

We are an innovative institution of higher education, doctorates, masters and MBAs 100% virtual, where you will find degrees that point to the future. We prepare today's students to unlock a brighter tomorrow.

Our hands-on approach empowers graduates to excel in their careers, unlocking abundant job opportunities, industry recognition and greater earning potential. About us.

BIU offers an exceptional educational experience with an interactive approach, quality faculty and a global perspective. In addition, it provides flexibility with online learning options and is strategically located in Miami's Financial District, offering a multicultural experience and networking opportunities in a dynamic business environment.

All synchronous sessions are recorded and available for students to replay (even if they are unable to attend), which gives the system great flexibility.

Master's programmes take 18 months and PhDs 33 months, offering a comprehensive education in a relatively short period of time.

BIU graduates are adaptive and prepared to thrive and lead in an ever-changing landscape. In addition, they have access to a global network, providing them with unlimited opportunities in their chosen fields of business, education and technology.