MBA in Digital Marketing

MBA with Concentration in Digital Marketing

Our MBA in Digital Marketing will immerse you in the exciting world of marketing, where Neuroscience unveils the secrets behind global purchasing decisions.

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MBA with Concentration in Digital Marketing

In today's business world, competition is fierce, and new challenges are constant. Obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides you with solid knowledge, professional networks, and growth opportunities to stand out. The MBA is much more than just an academic degree; it is a highly versatile and valuable program that caters to various professional profiles and aspirations.

By enhancing strategic and management capabilities, the MBA positions itself as an exceptional choice for those looking to reach new heights in their careers and make a significant impact in the business world. MBA graduates become highly skilled leaders, ready to tackle the challenges of a dynamic and competitive business environment, driving the success of their organizations and contributing to economic and social progress in their respective fields.

Program Description

Acquire pragmatic tools for formulating comprehensive Digital Marketing and Communication strategies, seamlessly aligning business and marketing objectives. Get ready to face the challenges and triumphs that the Digital Era has in store for you.

What makes this program unique and why study it?

  1. Competitive Salary: Graduates with a Master's degree in Digital Marketing often command higher salaries than those without advanced degrees. Specialization in digital marketing makes them valuable assets to organizations.
  2. Growing Demand: As companies continue to invest in Online Marketing, the demand for Digital Marketing Specialists / Managers / Directors is expected to rise.
  3. Diverse Job Opportunities: They can take on roles such as Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist, SEO Specialist, Content Marketing Manager, E-commerce Manager, among others.
  4. Career Advancement: Professionals can advance rapidly in their careers. They may be eligible for promotions to leadership roles such as Director of Digital Marketing or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).
  5. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Graduates can start their own Digital Marketing agencies or consultancies to serve clients in various industries.
  6. Global Job Market: Graduates have the flexibility to seek job opportunities in different countries, expanding their horizons and experiences.
  7. Job Stability: Professionals with experience in this field are more likely to enjoy job stability even during economic fluctuations.
  8. Remote Work Opportunities: This allows professionals to achieve a balance between work and personal life and choose their preferred work environment.
  9. Industry Recognition: Graduates with a Master's in Digital Marketing often stand out among other applicants and are preferred during the hiring process.
  10. SUJIS Program: BIU created the Step Up Journey Into Success classes, to cultivate interpersonal skills (Forbes Magazine) highly valued by employers in the global landscape, students participate in comprehensive classes focused on developing and refining their soft skills. We provide guidance, strategies, and practical exercises to enhance our students' ability to showcase their personal attributes, gaining a deeper understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses in soft skills. This enables them to present themselves as highly qualified candidates during interviews and throughout their professional careers. Actively participating and recording your involvement in each generated space is the key to enjoying these advantages. The SUJIS program is voluntary and free for everyone in the BIU community.

Key objectives of the program

  • Proficiency in Digital Strategy: Develop a deep understanding of Digital Marketing strategies, encompassing areas such as SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Online Advertising, to strategically position organizations in the digital landscape.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Acquire the analytical skills required to interpret and leverage data insights, enabling informed decision-making in creating effective Digital Marketing campaigns and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Neuroscience Integration: Integrate principles from Neuroscience to comprehend consumer behavior and motivations, utilizing insights to shape compelling Digital Marketing approaches that resonate with target audiences on both conscious and subconscious levels.
  • Holistic Digital Communication: Cultivate comprehensive digital communication skills, incorporating various channels and platforms, to ensure consistent and impactful messaging across diverse online touchpoints.
  • Leadership in Digital Transformation: Prepare to lead Digital Transformation initiatives by honing leadership capabilities in driving cross-functional teams, adapting to industry shifts, and spearheading innovative Digital Marketing strategies.
  • ROI-focused Campaign Design: Develop expertise in crafting Digital Marketing campaigns that yield measurable returns on investment, aligning efforts with organizational objectives and financial outcomes.
  • Strategic Digital Branding: Explore the intricate dynamics of digital brand building, equipping graduates to establish and maintain coherent and resonant digital brand identities in a competitive online environment.
  • Effective Audience Engagement: Master techniques for engaging target audiences through personalized, relevant, and meaningful digital interactions, fostering lasting relationships that drive customer loyalty and advocacy.
  • Ethical Digital Practices: Cultivate an ethical foundation in Digital Marketing practices, emphasizing transparency, data privacy, and responsible engagement in online interactions, thus ensuring trust and credibility with stakeholders.
  • Adaptation to Technological Shifts: Stay abreast of technological advancements and industry trends, developing an agile methodology to adapt strategies and tactics to changing digital landscapes and emerging tools.

Access and Career Opportunities

From crafting innovative campaigns that engage audiences across digital channels to deciphering data insights that drive decision-making. In this landscape, your expertise in areas like Data Analytics, SEO, and Content Strategy will shape brand narratives and optimize online engagement.

  • This concentration equips them to develop effective digital marketing strategies and lead their teams in the implementation of successful campaigns.

    • Advertising Professionals: They can understand the intricacies of digital advertising, including programmatic advertising, social media advertising, and display advertising, to create impactful campaigns.
    • Digital Marketing Specialists: They can gain a comprehensive understanding of various digital marketing tools and strategies to excel in their roles.
    • E-commerce Managers: Enhance their skills in online sales and explore digital marketing tactics to increase traffic, conversions, and customer engagement on e-commerce platforms.
    • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: They can gain valuable insights into cost-effective digital marketing strategies to promote their businesses online and reach a broader audience.
    • Public Relations Professionals (PR): PR professionals can learn to effectively use digital channels to manage brand reputation, engage with stakeholders, and handle crisis communications in the online environment.
    • Sales and Business Development Managers: They can understand how digital marketing impacts the sales funnel and learn techniques to generate opportunities and improve conversion rates.
    • Market Researchers and Analysts: Improve their understanding of consumer behavior in the digital environment and use data-driven insights to inform marketing strategies.
    • Digital Marketing Manager: Responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing comprehensive Digital Marketing strategies across various online channels. They analyze data to optimize campaigns, manage budgets, and ensure alignment with business goals.
    • Social Media Manager: Manages an organization's social media presence, creating and curating content, engaging with followers, and analyzing metrics to refine social media strategies and enhance brand visibility.
    • SEO Specialist: Focuses on improving a website's visibility in search engine (SEO) results by optimizing content, keywords, and technical elements. They stay updated on search engine algorithms to maintain and enhance search rankings.
    • Content Marketing Manager: Develops and oversees content strategies that align with brand messaging and objectives. They create valuable and relevant content to engage audiences, attract leads, and nurture customer relationships.
    • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Specialist: Manages and optimizes paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media. They analyze ad performance, adjust bids, and refine targeting to achieve the best return on investment.
    • Email Marketing Manager: Develops and executes email marketing campaigns to nurture leads, engage customers, and drive conversions. They segment audiences, create compelling content, and analyze open and click-through rates.
    • E-commerce Manager: Oversees the digital operations of an online store, managing product listings, user experience, and payment processes. They optimize the e-commerce platform to enhance user engagement and boost sales.
    • Digital Analytics Specialist: Analyzes Digital Marketing data to provide insights into campaign performance, user behavior, and overall online presence. They use tools like Google Analytics to inform data-driven decisions.
    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist: Focuses on improving website elements to enhance the percentage of visitors who complete desired actions, such as making purchases or filling out forms. They conduct A/B testing and user experience analysis.
    • Digital Marketing Consultant: Offers expert advice and guidance to businesses on digital marketing strategies and tactics. They provide tailored recommendations to enhance online presence and achieve specific objectives.
    • Digital Marketing Analyst: Analyzes Digital Marketing data to extract insights, trends, and performance metrics. They provide actionable recommendations based on data-driven analysis to improve strategies and achieve objectives.
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