Scholarships for Master's, Doctoral, and MBA programs

At BIU, we are committed to providing educational opportunities. Our scholarship program for master's, MBA, or doctoral studies is designed to assist outstanding students in achieving their academic and professional goals. We value diversity and academic excellence, and our scholarships reflect our commitment to supporting our students.

Types of Available Scholarships:

  1. International scholarships for master's programs: Based on the region, i.e., your country of residence, an advisor will guide you and inform you about available scholarships according to your residence at the time of admission.
  2. Academic excellence scholarships: For all students with a GPA (grade point average) of 3.5 out of 5 (which can be verified through the certification of the title equivalence in the United States).
  3. Active Teacher Scholarship: Aimed at active teachers from academic institutions of all levels who can demonstrate their current activity and apply for our scholarship program to study online master's programs.
  4. Entrepreneur Scholarship: Intended for candidates who can prove ownership of a company for more than a year or who have recently started a business (less than 12 months).
  5. Employee Support Scholarship: For those who have a letter of support from their company, issued by direct superiors or the Human Resources department, endorsing the student's decision to study their desired program. BIU offers a variety of scholarship programs for those seeking to study online master's programs and even for those dreaming of studying a master's in the United States, with the aim of empowering all professionals who want to access the training offered by BIU.

To apply for one of our vacancies, our advisor will inform and guide you on the most suitable financial aid for you. After submitting the requested information, an interview will be conducted, and finally, your file will be submitted to BIU's evaluation committee, who will determine eligibility for the scholarship.

(*) For those who meet the requirements