MBA in Project Management

MBA with Concentration in Project Management

The MBA in Project Management is your path to project leadership. Develop strategic and technical skills to successfully lead projects of any scale.

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  • 18 months
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MBA in Project Management

In today's business world, competition is fierce, and new challenges are constant. Obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides you with solid knowledge, professional networks, and growth opportunities to stand out. The MBA is much more than just an academic degree; it is a highly versatile and valuable program that caters to various professional profiles and aspirations.

By enhancing strategic and management capabilities, the MBA positions itself as an exceptional choice for those looking to reach new heights in their careers and make a significant impact in the business world. MBA graduates become highly skilled leaders, ready to tackle the challenges of a dynamic and competitive world business environment, driving the success of their organizations and contributing to economic and social progress in their respective communities.

Program Description

Our MBA program offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application. You will gain a deep understanding of various business disciplines, enabling you to tackle complex challenges in the modern business landscape. From leadership and strategic management to finance and marketing, our program equips you with the skills needed to thrive in diverse organizational settings.

What makes this program unique and why study it?

The demand for specialized Project Managers is high and so is their remuneration. By obtaining an MBA with a specialization in Project Management from BIU, you position yourself in a higher salary range and open yourself to more and better opportunities in the industry.

  1. Optimization and Efficiency in Workflow: Your training will enable you to make the most of Project Management advantages. You will know how to improve teamwork, increase communication between productive areas, manage resources with precision, and anticipate bottlenecks.
  2. Mastery in Risk Management and Decision-Making: You will learn to foresee, identify, and mitigate risks, ensuring project delivery on time and within scope. This skill will enable you to make data-driven decisions and establish best practices for future projects.
  3. Expertise in Digital Transformation and Technology: The program places particular emphasis on combining Project Management with Digital Transformation. This will allow you to stay at the forefront, using modern technologies and platforms for Project Management and being prepared for any technological advancements that arise.
  4. Collaboration, Communication, and Synergy: Thanks to the tools and techniques you'll learn, you'll foster collaboration between teams, improve communication, and leverage synergy between departments. This translates into more efficient projects and high-quality results.
  5. SUJIS Program: BIU created the Step Up Journey Into Success classes, to cultivate interpersonal skills (Forbes Magazine) highly valued by employers in the global landscape, students participate in comprehensive classes focused on developing and refining their soft skills. We provide guidance, strategies, and practical exercises to enhance our students' ability to showcase their personal attributes, gaining a deeper understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses in soft skills. This enables them to present themselves as highly qualified candidates during interviews and throughout their professional careers. Actively participating and recording your involvement in each generated space is the key to enjoying these advantages. The SUJIS program is voluntary and free for everyone in the BIU community.

Key objectives of the program

  • Develop advanced managerial skills for effective project leadership and resource management.
  • Acquire a global perspective to navigate the complexities of modern business environments.
  • Enhance critical thinking and strategic reasoning for competitive project positioning.
  • Master Project Management methodologies, from scope management to budgeting and scheduling.
  • Cultivate expertise in organizational culture and change management for project success.
  • Tailor Project Management approaches to diverse projects, roles, and industries.
  • Build a strong professional network through collaborative online learning and interactions.
  • Gain the knowledge to drive innovation, optimize processes, and achieve project goals.
  • Prepare for leadership roles in public and private organizations, delivering impactful projects.

Access and Career Opportunities

  • An MBA with a specialization in Project Management at BIU is ideal for those seeking comprehensive training that combines business management with specific Project Management skills, enabling them to lead with confidence and effectiveness in any business project.

    • Project Managers: Individuals committed to mastering the art and science of project management, seeking to acquire advanced tools and modern approaches to carry out successful projects.
    • Team Leaders: Professionals who want to enhance their ability to lead multidisciplinary teams, ensuring effective communication and goal achievement.
    • Experienced Project Managers: Those looking to update their knowledge and skills, understanding emerging methodologies and best practices in Project Management.
    • Business Analysts and Strategists: Professionals who want to understand how projects align with strategic objectives and how they can be managed to maximize value and impact on the organization.
    • Organizational Change Specialists: Visionaries focused on how projects can drive change, adaptation, and innovation in a company, preparing it for the challenges and opportunities of the future.


  • Elevate your career with an MBA in Project Management from BIU University. Gain advanced skills to lead projects, manage teams, and excel in diverse industries.

    • Project Manager: Lead project teams, plan and execute projects, manage resources, timelines, and budgets for successful project delivery.
    • Program Manager: Oversee multiple projects within a program, align projects with organizational goals, and ensure efficient resource utilization.
    • Project Analyst: Analyze project data, monitor progress, identify potential risks, and provide insights for informed decision-making.
    • Operations Manager: Manage operational projects, optimize processes, and ensure seamless workflow within an organization.
    • Management Consultant: Offer expert advice on project management strategies, methodologies, and best practices to enhance organizational efficiency.
    • Change Management Specialist: Implement organizational change initiatives, manage stakeholder engagement, and facilitate smooth transitions.
    • Project Management Office (PMO) Manager: Establish and manage PMOs, standardize project management processes, and ensure project alignment with business goals.
    • Supply Chain Project Manager: Optimize supply chain operations, streamline logistics, and manage distribution projects for efficient product delivery.
    • Operations Improvement Manager: Identify process inefficiencies, lead process improvement initiatives, and drive operational excellence.
    • Strategic Planner: Develop long-term business strategies, align projects with strategic goals, and drive organizational growth.
    • Risk Manager: Assess project risks, develop risk mitigation strategies, and ensure projects are executed with minimal disruptions.
    • Research and Development Project Manager: Lead R&D projects, drive innovation, and manage product development lifecycles.
    • Sustainability Project Manager: Implement sustainable practices within organizations, manage eco-friendly projects, and promote environmental responsibility.
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