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Master in Virtual Education in Artificial Intelligence Applications


Gain a strong comprehension of how to select and use Artificial Intelligence technologies more effectively, aligning your decisions with your educational goals and the specific demands of students.

  • Online

Master in Neuroscience Applied to Education


Neuroscience is essential to understand and adapt pedagogical strategies in this era of digital education.

  • Online

Master of Science in Virtual Education


Explore the intersection of modern pedagogy and technology with our Master of Science in Virtual Education. Prepare to design, implement, and evaluate high-quality virtual educational experiences and strategies.

  • Online
Transformación-digital educativa

Master in Virtual Education with Concentration in Digital Transformation


Discover the synergy between modern business management and the digital revolution with our Master's program. Our program prepares you to face the challenges of the digital world, leading change processes and designing innovative educational strategies.


  • Online

Master in Computer Software Engineering


With a Master in Information Systems from BIU, you can become a successful IT strategist and lead the digital transformation across all industries as they enter the Optimized Era.

  • Online