Master in Business Administration

Our 100% online MBA prepares visionary leaders with global strategies for today's challenges in the digital age across diverse global sectors.

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  • 18 months
  • English & Spanish

Master in Business Administration

In today's business world, competition is intense and challenges are constant. Organizations seek qualified professionals in a variety of areas for entry-level and specialized positions. Earning an MBA provides solid knowledge, professional connections and growth opportunities.

By developing strategic and management skills, the MBA is ideal for those who want to advance their careers and make a difference in the business world. Graduates become leaders prepared to meet challenges in a dynamic environment, driving the success of their organizations and contributing to economic and social progress in their fields.

Program Description

Our MBA program is a postgraduate program in Business Administration designed for students with diverse academic backgrounds and rich professional experience seeking comprehensive education. This 100% online MBA program offers a robust curriculum focused on cultivating a set of both conceptual and practical skills. These skills encompass fundamental aspects of the business world.

BIU's MBA program provides comprehensive learning in areas such as Financial Management, Advanced Marketing Strategies, Organizational Leadership, Corporate Ethics, Innovation, Business Case Analysis, Corporate Law, Technological Integration, Networking, Custom Strategy Design, Global Business Perspectives, and Professional Networking Opportunities, among others. Our faculty works to enhance specialized knowledge through concentrations while equipping students with the tools, language, and goals of a boardroom. This enables them to pursue leadership positions within their organizations or future ventures, providing a solid foundation for professional growth in a dynamic business environment.

What makes this program unique and why study it?

  1. Comprehensive Approach: This program offers a unique blend of specializations ranging from finance to business ethics, allowing students to gain a holistic perspective of business management, preparing them to tackle real-world complexities.
  2. Practical Learning: The focus on real case analysis and business simulations provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in concrete business situations, fostering effective decision-making and problem-solving.
  3. Experienced Faculty: Our professors not only hold doctoral degrees but also have industry experience, ensuring that theory is taught from a practical and up-to-date perspective.
  4. Online Learning Flexibility: The flexible online learning methodology enables students to tailor their education to their schedules and needs, facilitating the balance between work and study.
  5. Focus on Business Ethics: The inclusion of courses on ethics and corporate responsibility demonstrates the program's commitment to training ethical and socially responsible business leaders.
  6. Professional Network: The opportunity to establish connections with experts and peers in the business field enriches the educational experience and provides valuable networking opportunities for the future.
  7. SUJIS Program: BIU created the Step Up Journey Into Success classes, to cultivate interpersonal skills (Forbes Magazine) highly valued by employers in the global landscape, students participate in comprehensive classes focused on developing and refining their soft skills. We provide guidance, strategies, and practical exercises to enhance our students' ability to showcase their personal attributes, gaining a deeper understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses in soft skills. This enables them to present themselves as highly qualified candidates during interviews and throughout their professional careers. Actively participating and recording your involvement in each generated space is the key to enjoying these advantages. The SUJIS program is voluntary and free for everyone in the BIU community.

Key objectives of the program

The aim of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, under the administrative responsibility of the School of Business, is to provide a balanced combination of comprehensive theoretical education in essential business areas and practical instructions drawn from the business experience of our faculty. This is to facilitate an understanding of the challenges that companies face in the context of globalization.

These are some of the main objectives of our MBA program: 

  • Provide a strong education in essential business areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, leadership, and management, to equip students with the necessary skills to tackle challenges in business leadership within a globalized context.
  • Cultivate leadership capabilities and informed, ethical decision-making, enabling students to successfully lead organizations and contribute to sustainable and responsible growth.
  • Train students to identify, analyze, and solve real-world cases, offering solutions to complex and ever-changing scenarios in the business world.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to address problems with innovative approaches, fostering creativity and adaptability in an ever-evolving business environment.
  • Provide opportunities to establish valuable connections with fellow students, professors, alumni, and industry professionals, building a network for future employment and business partnerships.
  • Offer the options of specific academic concentrations that allow students to specialize in areas of interest, preparing them for specialized responsibilities and leadership positions in various sectors and markets

Access and Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the MBA program in Business Administration at BIU, you will have acquired the necessary skills to excel in various fields of organizational leadership and management.

You will understand and implement ethical and legal foundations in organizational leadership with excellent leadership capabilities. You will be able to identify and analyze real-life situations, providing solutions to complex business scenarios. You will develop your critical thinking skills to make informed and successful decisions.

  • The profile of those who study the MBA at BIU University is diverse and spans a wide range of professional fields. Students who opt for this MBA program are those who aspire to reach new heights in their careers and aim to make a significant impact in the business world. Graduates of the MBA program at BIU University stand out for being highly qualified leaders and are prepared to face the challenges of a dynamic and competitive business environment. Their education enables them to drive the success of their organizations and contribute to economic and social progress in their respective fields.

    • Chief Executive Officer in Global Companies: Leads strategic executive-level decision-making in international organizations. Oversees operations, leads executive teams, and sets the vision for global growth.
    • Strategic Business Consultant: Provides expert guidance to companies to improve their performance and competitiveness. Analyzes challenges, develops strategies, and offers effective solutions to optimize operations and achieve objectives.
    • Marketing and Sales Manager: Directs marketing and sales strategies to maximize company visibility and growth. Designs campaigns, manages teams, and establishes key relationships with customers and partners.
    • Financial and Investment Analyst: Evaluates financial and economic data to make informed decisions about investments and asset management. Analyzes risks, returns, and opportunities to maximize financial value.
    • Innovation and Development Leader: Drives innovation within the organization by identifying new product or service opportunities. Designs strategies to foster creativity and undertake research and development projects.
    • Entrepreneur and Business Founder: Creates and leads a new business or startup. Develops ideas, creates business models, seeks financing, and establishes a vision to take a company from conception to successful implementation.
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