MBA in Digital Transformation and Business Development

MBA with concentration in Digital Transformation and Business Development

With our MBA in Digital Transformation and Business Development, you will be prepared to lead in the Digital Age. You'll learn the essential skills to stay ahead in a constantly evolving world.

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  • 18 months
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MBA in Digital Transformation and Business Development

In today's business world, competition is fierce and new challenges are constant. Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides you with solid knowledge, professional networks and growth opportunities to excel. The MBA is much more than an academic degree; it is a highly versatile and valuable programme that fits a variety of profiles and career aspirations.

By enhancing strategic and managerial capabilities, the MBA is positioned as an exceptional choice for those seeking to reach new heights in their careers and make a significant impact in the business world. MBA graduates become highly skilled leaders, ready to meet the challenges of a dynamic and competitive business environment, driving the success of their organizations and contributing to economic and social progress in their respective fields.

Programme Description

As a result of the challenges of digitisation, organizations are faced with the global need to adapt and transform. Our MBA in Digital Transformation and Organizational Development will enable you to achieve true technological integration with disruptive changes throughout corporate operations.

What makes this programme unique and why study it?

BIU puts you in a strategic position to access management and leadership positions in companies looking to adapt to the digital environment.

  1. High labour demand: The growing digital transformation in all industries has generated a high demand for professionals trained in this field.
  2. Broad spectrum of industries: The skills acquired in the concentration are applicable to a variety of industries, from technology to manufacturing and services.
  3. Business innovation: You will learn how to apply emerging technologies to drive innovation and growth in organizations.
  4. Digital strategy development: To improve the efficiency and competitiveness of companies.
  5. Digital leadership skills: Adapted to the challenges of the digital environment and the management of virtual teams.
  6. International networking: Professionals from all over the world in an online learning environment.
  7. Technological update: You will stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.
  8. Salary increase: due to your specialized knowledge and your ability to drive business growth.
  9. Digital entrepreneurship: Technology-based business projects.
  10. SUJIS Program: BIU created the Step Up Journey Into Success classes to empower your soft skills (Forbes Magazine), highly valued by employers in the global landscape. Students participate in comprehensive classes focused on developing and refining their soft skills. We provide guidance, strategies and practical exercises to enhance our students' ability to showcase their personal attributes, gaining a deeper understanding of their own soft skills strengths and weaknesses. This enables them to present themselves as highly qualified candidates during interviews and throughout their careers. Actively participating and registering your participation in each space generated is the key to enjoying these advantages. The SUJIS program is voluntary and free for everyone in the BIU community.

Key objectives of the program

  • Transformational Leadership: Cultivates leadership skills specific to Digital Transformation, enabling graduates to lead teams and drive change in organizations undergoing digital transitions.
  • Strategic Thinking: Promotes strategic thinking by teaching students to develop and implement digital strategies that align with overall business objectives.
  • Focus on Innovation: Emphasizes the importance of innovation as a key driver of competitive advantage, encouraging students to explore innovative solutions and business models.
  • Adaptability: Fosters adaptability and agility in students to thrive in the constantly evolving digital landscape, ensuring they stay abreast of market trends.
  • Networking Opportunities: Facilitates networking between students, faculty and industry professionals to create valuable connections for future career growth.
  • Practical Application: Encourages the practical application of knowledge through real-world projects, case studies and internships, enhancing problem-solving skills and employability.
  • Technology Integration: Promotes the integration of technology into business processes, enabling graduates to leverage digital tools for efficiency and growth.
  • Change Management Expertise: Develops change management expertise to help organizations navigate cultural changes and ensure the successful adoption of digital technologies.
  • Ethical Considerations: Addresses ethical considerations in digital transformation, preparing students to make responsible decisions in an increasingly digitized world.

Access and Career Opportunities

  • By immersing themselves in this programme, professionals gain a holistic view of Business Management and Digital Transformation, preparing them to lead and manage in the new digitised environment. This master's degree is ideal for different types of specialists, including:

    • Digital Change Leaders: Professionals determined to lead processes of change and digital transformation in current organizations, using their understanding of innovation as a strategic pillar.
    • Innovation and Development Strategists: Individuals who seek to understand and promote changes in the management and direction of an organization, adapting business strategies to the digital environment.
    • Digital Project Managers: Professionals who wish to develop skills to select the most appropriate project management approach, considering the circumstances and complexities of the digital project and its stakeholders.
    • Digital Business Developers: Those who seek to become experts in business development, understanding the roles and competencies of the Business Development Manager in a digital environment.
    • Business Model Visionaries: Professionals who seek to understand the current environment and its challenges, adapting business model strategies according to their challenges and objectives in the digital world.
  • Graduates emerge with a deep understanding of digital technologies, strategic thinking capabilities, leadership skills and practical experience in areas such as Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Innovation. They are prepared to drive organisational change, navigate global digital landscapes and leverage emerging technologies for sustainable growth.

    • Digital Transformation Manager: Leads and oversees digital transformation initiatives within organizations.
    • Business Development Manager: Identifies growth opportunities and strategic partnerships to expand market reach.
    • Digital Strategy Consultant: Advises organizations on the development and execution of digital strategies.
    • Digital Marketing Manager: Manages online marketing campaigns and customer interaction.
    • Technology Consultant: Provides guidance on technology adoption and digital process optimisation.
    • E-Commerce Manager: Drives online sales and manages digital marketing efforts.
    • Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDO): Holds a senior executive position responsible for overall digital strategy and transformation within a company.
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