Doctorate in Business Administration

Doctorate in Business Administration

Boost your career with our Doctorate in Business Administration and gain the knowledge and skills you need to lead successfully in the business world.

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Doctorate in Business Administration

In today's business world, competition is fierce and new challenges are constant. Earning a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) provides you with solid knowledge, professional networks and growth opportunities to excel. The DBA is much more than an academic degree; it is a highly versatile and valuable programme that fits a variety of profiles and career aspirations.

By enhancing strategic and management skills, the DBA is positioned as an exceptional choice for those seeking to achieve new career challenges and make a significant impact in the business world. DBA graduates become highly skilled leaders, ready to face the challenges of a dynamic and competitive business environment, driving the success of their organizations and contributing to economic and social progress in their respective fields.


Programme Description

Our Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) stands out for its structured and comprehensive approach. As part of the School of Business' administrative responsibility, the BIU-DBA program features a meticulously designed curriculum to deliver a rigorous and effective learning experience. Through this comprehensive approach, you will acquire advanced skills that you can apply in complex organisational settings.

What makes this programme unique and why study it?

  1. High demand and competitive salaries: Businesses rely on data-driven decisions, creating demand for qualified DBAs, who are offered competitive salaries.
  2. Job stability: Organisations need database administrators (DBAs) to maintain data integrity, leading to stable employment in a data-centric world.
  3. Career growth: Expanding digital presence provides opportunities for DBAs to advance and specialise in higher-paying roles.
  4. Consulting and bonuses: Experienced DBAs can work independently, earning additional income through consulting and performance-based bonuses.
  5. Industry relevance: DBAs' skills are applicable in a variety of industries, increasing the chances of finding well-paying jobs.
  6. Remote work and flexibility: The rise of remote work and freelance work allows DBAs to explore lucrative projects and enjoy flexible working arrangements.
  7. Networking and Career Advancement Opportunities: At BIU you not only gain advanced academic skills, but also open doors to valuable networking opportunities.
  8. Programa SUJIS: BIU created the Step Up Journey Into Success classes to develop soft skills (Forbes Magazine) that are highly valued by employers in the global marketplace. Students participate in comprehensive classes focused on developing and honing their soft skills. We provide guidance, strategies and practical exercises to enhance our students' ability to showcase their personal attributes, gaining a deeper understanding of their own soft skills strengths and weaknesses. This enables them to present themselves as highly qualified candidates during interviews and throughout their careers. Actively participating and registering your participation in each space generated is the key to enjoying these advantages. The SUJIS program is voluntary and free for everyone in the BIU community.

Key objectives of the program

  • Global Management: Deepen your understanding of international leadership strategies and theories.
  • Applied Research: Develop skills to conduct research that influences and guides business decisions.
  • Leadership Theories: Learn the principles and practices of sustainable and effective leadership.
  • Organisational Design: Understand how to structure and restructure organisations to optimise performance.
  • Strategic Analysis: Master tools and techniques to analyse and act in complex business scenarios.
  • Qualitative Research: Acquire competencies to develop rigorous qualitative studies.
  • Ethical Decision Making: Evaluates and acts based on ethical considerations in the business world.

Access and Career Opportunities

Studying BIU-DBA puts you in a privileged position in the business world, offering opportunities to lead, innovate and make a significant difference in the industry. In addition, the economic value of this training guarantees a profitable investment in your professional future.

  • By enrolling in the DBA programme students gain a deep understanding of global management and leadership, from its theoretical foundations to its practical application, preparing students to be innovative leaders in the business world. It is aimed at a wide variety of professionals, such as:

    • Company Directors and Managers: Professionals who already hold leadership positions in companies, organisations or institutions. Their practical experience can enrich their research perspectives.
    • Business Consultants: Those with business consulting experience often find the opportunity to delve deeper into management theory and research valuable.
    • Entrepreneurs and Professors: Entrepreneurs who have launched and managed their own businesses can benefit from addressing specific challenges they have encountered along the way.
    • Academics: Professionals working in academic institutions or universities, the DBA can enhance their academic profile and research capacity.
    • Finance Professionals: Individuals with finance experience who are looking to deepen their understanding of financial management and decision making.
    • Marketing professionals: Those with marketing experience who wish to research and better understand marketing trends and strategies in an ever-changing business environment.
    • MBA Professionals: Those who have already earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) may find the DBA a natural progression in their education, allowing them to further deepen their knowledge in their field.
    • Project Managers: Project managers can benefit from a DBA by gaining a deeper understanding of strategic management and decision-making in a business environment.
    • Executive Director: BIU-DBA graduates often have the skills and knowledge necessary to lead organisations and make strategic decisions at the highest level.
    • Chief Operating Officer (COO): BIU-DBA professionals can oversee the day-to-day operations of a company and ensure efficient management of resources.
    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): With their advanced understanding of finance and business management, BIU DBA graduates can excel in CFO roles, managing the financial aspects of a company.
    • Management Consultant: DBA graduates can become consultants, providing expert advice and solutions to companies facing complex challenges.
    • Business Research Professor: DBA graduates with a passion for academia can pursue careers as business professors or researchers, contributing to the knowledge of the field and guiding future business leaders.
    • Executive Leadership Positions: DBA graduates are qualified for various executive positions in different industries.
    • Corporate Strategists: Individuals focused on shaping and guiding the future direction of organizations.
    • Global Business Leaders: Professionals who want to lead their organizations to success in international markets.
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