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Choose the right doctorate

As is well known, education is a very important factor for the development of human beings in society, as it provides knowledge and contributes to the development of different competencies.

The highest academic level is known as doctorate and seeks to turn the professional into an expert in the subject of study. Therefore, students must adhere to a strict schedule of activities that require active and direct participation in didactic and research work.

Other reasons why it is important to have a doctorate are, without a doubt, the better opportunities for quality work and the possibility of having an extended career. In addition, participation in congresses and seminars allows students to travel, learn about different environments and interact with other researchers and academics with profiles that complement their knowledge.

If you are thinking of studying a doctorate, here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting the right one:

  • Choose an area that motivates and is interesting to the student.
  • Choose an educational institution that has excellent researchers in the field you are interested in.
  • Have a network of tutors with good reputation and experience, as they can facilitate contact with other influential people.
  • Verify that there are opportunities to publish papers in specialized media in the area of research being studied.
  • Guarantee experiences of academic meetings such as conferences, where it is possible to establish contact with researchers from other parts of the country or the world.


BIU University is a great option that not only provides the necessary and sufficient knowledge, but also offers support and guidance to its students, so that they can achieve their goals in the process. Through its commitment to excellence, the professional will be able to develop the necessary skills and leadership qualities to pursue high-level leadership roles.

The Doctorate of Business Administration offers a management approach, where the student will learn to successfully identify business trends, to anticipate market changes, and to develop solutions that mean advantages over the competition through innovation.

The competitive advantage that you will find is the empowerment of management techniques that will undoubtedly provide you with a differential performance in your career by being able to demonstrate the ability to evaluate ethical and legal related situations, make decisions and give recommendations based on comprehensive reasoning.

On the other hand, the Doctorate of  Education in Virtual Education (EdD VED) promotes the development of leadership skills related to the educational field, among which stand out higher education research, academic, administrative or consulting positions.

The EdD program in its 100% virtual modality has become the ideal option to experience realistic challenges, in which we are currently immersed due to the rapid evolution that we experience today in all processes. Educational technologies are focused on the implementation of emerging programs that improve the effectiveness, efficiency and learning experience, ensuring a high quality education.

BIU’s two doctoral offerings encourage project planning and strategy implementation, as well as research in any type of business and its positive development in today’s global environment. This is how professionals will be able to demonstrate their ability to manage individuals and teams in a complex business environment.

Finally, the knowledge acquired in a PhD is of great utility, as it allows the search for information, identification of problems and proposal of innovative solutions that transform society as a whole.

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