Educación herramienta de progreso para el 2023

Education, a tool for progress in 2023

2023 seems, at first glance, one of the most challenging years in recent history. The lags of the covid-19 pandemic are still being felt; In addition, socio-political and economic situations such as the war in Ukraine, the increase in the price of fuel and the possibility of a global recession complicate the picture.

All this forces us to make the best possible decisions, including a dimension as important as education. How to prepare for what is to come? Especially in the case of professionals, what master’s degrees are relevant to adapt to the reality that lies ahead? Here we tell you.

  1. An MBA to learn more about finance

At a time of such uncertainty, studying a Master of Business Administration  (MBA) can be a very wise decision, as it is an itinerary that allows you to develop theoretical and practical skills that cover the essential areas of a business, including accounting, finance, marketing, leadership and management.

With the MBA from BIU University you will be able to:

Detect and analyze real casuistry and provide solutions to complex business scenarios, developcritical thinking and decision making, improve and apply the ethical and legal principles of the management of an organization, and improveleadership capacity.

All these skills are key in a context like the current one, in which it is necessary to properly read reality to make the best decisions both individually and business. That is why we invite you to know the MBA of BIU University and its multiple concentrations:

Virtual education

If the pandemic showed anything, it is that virtual education is here to stay. The offer is growing and more sophisticated in that sense. However, virtual education not only implies bringing to the digital world what has been done in face-to-face.

Virtuality has its own rules and you need to understand them to succeed in this field. Therefore, BIU University offers a Master of Science in Virtual Education ( that provides the tools to improve skills as teachers.

Students in this programwill learn to use these technologies to provide personalized learning and create modern educational experiences, gaining the digital competencies necessary to deliver the right teaching in the digital age.

It also has a concentration in Educational Digital Transformation:

To this must be added a highly innovative program: theMaster of Neuroscience in Virtual Education, which presents a framework for understanding how people absorb and retain new information and integrate knowledge from neuroscience and education.

Learn more about  BIU University’s Master of Science in Neuroscience in Virtual Education here:

Engineering and technology

Finally, BIU University has aMaster’s Degree  in Computer Science Engineering Engineering, which offers comprehensive coverage of the theory and practice of software design and development in a project-based environment. This is critical in a context where technology is part of every aspect of our lives and is critical to today’s world.

The programprovides an understanding of the development process, including concept, design, testing, quality assurance, and execution.

To learn more about this program, visit

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