Recognize and improve your soft skills
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Recognize and improve your soft skills

The needs of companies, currently, revolve around reinventing, innovating and constantly training their employees to strengthen their soft skills and also face the challenges of the market.

For this reason, when looking for new talent to support the work in the organization, recruiters highlight in the vacancies not only the necessary knowledge, but also those qualities and personality traits that are important for the fulfillment of corporate goals and objectives.

Some of the most desired soft skills are: empathy, creativity, leadership, adaptability, among others. These are widely valued by companies, since unlike hard skills, they are not acquired through training.

How are soft skills identified?

The strategies that recruiters use to recognize this type of skills in candidates, we relate them in the questions they carry out in their interviews, so we mention some below:

  1. What are the advantages of working in a group, and the disadvantages?
  2. What do you ask a boss?
  3. Tell me about a conflictive situation you have faced in the past and what you learned from it. How would you act now?
  4. Imagine a situation… What would you do?
  5. When was the last time you asked for help and for what?
  6. What has been the biggest difficulty you have faced, and your greatest achievement during your professional career?

The most important soft skills in the labor market

In this way, we can say that it is essential for a company to focus on people’s skills and not only on their technical or professional skills, so what are the most important soft skills for the current labor market?


That the person guarantees a fluid communication and has the ability to clearly express their ideas and emotions. At the business level, this skill is recognized as key to the success of projects.


Having the ability to work and lead projects, valuing the contribution and participation of the team, is an added value of great importance in organizations.

Acceptance of criticism

Accepting criticism, without taking negative attitudes and generating improvements in relation to weak points, is one of the skills most valued by companies, since it is one of the most difficult to achieve.

Decision making

Proactivity in this item is very important, since the person has the ability to face problems and find timely solutions in the shortest possible time.

Positive attitude

This is part of the most desired by organizations since a person who has the ability to favorably manage their attitude at work, has the ability to generate a friendly, comfortable and pleasant work environment, and therefore, better productivity.

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