A mayor preparación más oportunidades laborales

More preparation and more labor opportunities

Labor opportunities for entrepreneurs have been achieved by a high professional and financial development, even without obtaining a university degree, as it was the case with Steve Jobs. For most of the world’s population, education continues to represent the best possibility for obtaining greater job opportunities.

It is worth nothing that, according to the OECD, those who obtain a master’s degree achieve salaries higher by 30% than those of professionals with lower academic levels.

Those, studying a degree, a master’s degree and even a doctorate represents a valuable decision for the future.

Labor opportunities through education

With university studies, it is possible to access specific job offers, only suitable for those who have been trained in a specific field of knowledge.

This also allows them to move up in the same fields, which are on average better paid than informal productive sectors in which there is no need for prior qualification.

Also, there are different academic degrees (degrees, specializations, masters and doctorates), it is possible to continue growing in specific fields and aspire to increase better conditions.

One of the reasons why this happens, not only has to do with the academic training itself, because of the fact that educational environments open the door to meeting people from the same field and with the same interests.

This helps to consolidate a true “networking”, which allows people to have more possibilities, in addition to helping each other to access better positions or even raise the necessary capital to start their own business.

After all, studying doesn’t always mean being a company’s employee. University knowledge can also provide the necessary skills to start an enterprise or own business in which you take advantage of what you have learned in the university.

Such is the case of the MBA of BIU University, a master’s degree that provides the necessary knowledge to create, implement and direct all kinds of business ideas.

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