¿Por qué invertir en educación y estudiar una maestría?

Why study a master’s degree and invest in education?

Many people doubt whether or not they should do a master’s degree in education. The truth is that, to this day, doing a master’s degree is still an excellent decision.

What is it?

A master’s degree is a type of graduate study. It differs from specializations by having a longer duration (between one and two years) and by granting the necessary credentials to pursue a doctorate.

However, not all master’s degrees are created equal. Some focus more on research, which will allow you to acquire theoretical tools and reflect in depth on topics of great importance to your discipline.

Other master’s degrees focus more on delving into specific aspects of a particular area, which will allow you to refine your professional profile much more.

It should be clarified that this division is not rigid; In fact, there are master’s degrees that unite both poles for the benefit of their students.

Six benefits of studying a master’s degree in education

  1. The first great advantage of university studies is professional development, since, depending on the choice, it helps to specialize or expand the profile, which allows you to find better opportunities.
  2. In addition, a student pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree is called to be a leader in their field and to have the ability to develop different types of skills, including soft ones, to lead teams on real projects.
  3. Another great advantage is networking, because university studies allow you to expand the circle of contacts, even international when it comes to virtual courses, because in them it is very likely to meet colleagues from different countries of the world.
  4. Another point in favor is the existence of 100% online master’s degrees such as those offered by BIU University and that, due to this characteristic, offer students great advantages. One is flexibility, as geographical and schedule limitations are removed, allowing you to choose and manage your time and pace of learning as it suits you.
  5. Another benefit is savings, because a 100% online master’s degree avoids costs and travel times. In addition, it allows you to study in the space you prefer without hindering your daily activities.
  6. It is also necessary to highlight the internationality in master’s degrees such as those of BIU University. And, in addition to networking, there are programs that include residential stays in five of the most important cities in the world: Miami, París, Rome, Barcelona or Madrid.  Thus, in addition to acquiring important professional contacts, you can expand your cultural horizons, hand in hand with a top-level university.

That said, it is necessary to ask which master’s degrees best respond to current needs. For this, there are certain factors that cannot be ignored, such as changes in the business world, the rise of virtuality and the importance of innovation.

The business

A master’s degree related to the business world, such as the Masters of Business Administration (MBA), are increasingly fundamental, as global  changes force companies to better identify opportunities and threats to their business.

This analytical capacity is one of the main skills developed in the MBA of BIU University, where graduates leave prepared to occupy higher level administrative and managerial positions in any business.


Another factor to take into account when choosing a master with more future is virtuality. Studying a program with an emphasis on the possibilities offered by the online world is key to having greater opportunities in the workplace.

This is the case of the Master of Science in Virtual Education, that not only prepares students to perform in high-level positions, such as administrators, teachers and consultants, but also provides them with the necessary tools to enhance the complex educational environment in online mode.

The importance of innovation

Finally, it is undeniable that among the master’s degrees with the most future, those linked to the development of skills for innovation stand out.  This is the case of  the Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering, which provides the necessary skills to design, develop, test and maintain reliable and novel software systems.

This is essential for companies and startups that want to empower themselves in a world increasingly inclined towards digital and innovative solutions in all sectors.

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