Super Bowl más allá de ser un evento deportivo

Super Bowl más allá de ser un evento deportivo

The Super Bowl is much more than just a game of American football. It is a cultural event that attracts millions of people not only for its sporting spectacle but also for its impact on advertising, brands, and the interest of those in the marketing industry; it is a date not to be missed.

In terms of advertising, the Super Bowl is known to be one of the most powerful platforms to reach audiences, which is why every year, brands compete to have memorable and creative advertising to capture attention. It is a unique opportunity to promote products or services through commercials that generate a positive emotional response and a lasting impact on the consumer’s memory.

From a brand standpoint, the Super Bowl is an opportunity to build recognition, positioning, and consumer appeal. Through different techniques, brands seek to create a link with ads that include emotions, cultural relevance, personalization, humour, and history. In other words, the success of an advertisement in the Super Bowl depends on the brand’s ability to connect emotionally with its audience and make your advertising meaningful.

On the other hand, the Super Bowl is attractive and exciting to the digital market; the event is an opportunity to learn about new trends in marketing and business. Therefore, studying the ads presented by brands becomes relevant to identify what is being used in advertising campaigns, to replicate and achieve a successful impact in the markets.

What can we learn from the Super Bowl ads about advertising and marketing? Here are some valuable lessons for digital marketplaces to keep in mind:

  1. Create Powerful Messages: Super Bowl ads are viral and need to be meaningful. For this reason, it is vital to create powerful messages that attract the audience’s attention and are easy to remember, including visuals, audio, or an unexpected message.
  2. Connect with the audience’s emotions: many of the most successful Super Bowl ads manage to connect with an emotional or humorous message. An ad can make an audience feel motivated or moved; this type of emotional connection can be compelling and have a lasting impact on brand perception.
  3. Make good use of social media and technology: Digital markets can also learn a lot about using social media and technology through Super Bowl ads, including QR codes or augmented reality, to extend user experiences beyond the TV.
  4. Capture the audience’s attention in a competitive environment: Digital markets can capture the audience’s attention in a competitive environment, such as the Super Bowl, by creating an impactful message, such as a new product launch, image change, or improvement of an already positioned product.

In conclusion, the Super Bowl is much more than a simple game of American football; it is an event that creates an excellent stage for advertising, brands, and lessons on marketing news for digital markets. In addition, it is an event worth not missing for its innovation, inspiration for future projects, and the opportunity to learn, connect and celebrate.

Finally, for those connoisseurs of Digital Marketing, it is undeniable to see learning opportunities in the Super Bowl. For this reason, in our Master of Business Administration, with a concentration in Digital Marketing, we use practical tools necessary to develop comprehensive digital marketing and communication strategies and tactics aimed at aligning an organization’s business objectives.

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