We tell you what is an MBA and what is it for

We tell you, what is an MBA and what is it for?

The rapid technological, social, cultural, health and environmental changes of today’s world require increasing leadership within companies. And, in a context of so much uncertainty, managing teams to have a proactive attitude and identify opportunities and threats is a great need today, it is therefore important to recognize what a master’s degree is and why is important.

Therefore, MBAs are highly desired programs for students and companies. But pursuing an MBA, what does it mean?

This acronym refers to Masters of Business Administration, that is, a master’s degree in business administration that basically teaches all the aspects necessary to run a company or to occupy a senior management position.

It should be noted that unlike other types of master’s degrees, which enrich a specific profile, in an MBA professional from any field of knowledge can usually study, since the objective is to acquire general skills in the business field.

The importance of this type of program is such that a survey of the Graduate Management Admission Council conducted in 2021, indicated that about 90% of companies are willing to hire staff with MBA.

What is a master’s degree and which types of MBAs exist?

Now that we know what an MBA is, let’s see which ones exist:

  • International MBAs, where there are relevant factors such as international trade and language learning.
  • Specialized MBAs, which focus on a specific branch, such as information systems, digital marketing or health management.
  • Executive MBAs, in which it is already necessary to have a related professional experience.


MBAs can also be classified according to the modality of study. In this case, there are both face-to-face and online.


Why study an MBA online?

An online MBA has two great advantages. On the one hand there is flexibility, which eliminates geographical limitations and minimizes schedule restrictions.

On the other, there is the saving of time and money, because it is not necessary to travel daily, stop working or move to another country.

In addition, an online MBA ultimately offers the same purpose as a face-to-face MBA: to acquire the necessary skills to occupy a managerial position in a company, such as a CEO or a business director.

Precisely, BIU University has an online MBA where graduates leave prepared to occupy administrative and managerial positions of higher level, from which they can lead the changes that organizations need.

It is an MBA focused on the development of theoretical and practical skills that cover the essential areas of a business, including accounting, finance, marketing, leadership and management; In addition, it improves the job possibilities and the professional profile of students.

Learn more about the MBA from BIU University.

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