Take the risk of learning online with Glasser’s pyramid theory

Take the risk of learning online with Glasser’s pyramid theory

After the inevitable presence of the Covid19 pandemic, the world has been forced to face important changes in the way of life, in the way of doing business, in learning and even the way of teaching children, young people and adults who are part of the education sector. This industry in particular has been forced to reinvent itself and work on new methodologies to guarantee the training of the student public through virtuality by implementing new tendencies such as Glasser’s pyramid.

For many educational entities it was not easy to implement the virtual modality in the academic training of their students, this because they were guided by an educational cliché that limited resources to online texts, doubts by mail or virtual communication channels or the common master class through a screen, this vision had to be transformed by understanding that online learning requires many other innovative alternatives to ensure that students is to be able to acquire the knowledge and skills they hope to gain from the course.

Among the most important aspects to take into account for virtual classes; the first of all is on the teacher´s side, to have the ability to take advantage of the time available for the class and establish dynamic student activities that stimulate the group to which he is referring. This taking into account that, the student can have more distractions in his outside environment and thus allow him to the dynamism of the class helps the student to have the ability to self-regulate and, as mentioned in Glasser’s pyramid theory, go from being a passive subject to an active subject in order to achieve successful learning.

Glasser’s Pyramid: an ally for virtual education

The learning pyramid of the American psychiatrist Glasser, in addition to exposing in simple terms the most effective ways for the student to acquire knowledge, is also an allied tool for students who, due to lack of time are forced to carry out their virtual studies, since it has the ability to determine the instruments that should be used in the classroom to make it more effective the reception of students’ knowledge.

This means that the student would not have to repeat the lessons or dedicate extracurricular time to be able to have the concepts clear, but, on the contrary, thanks to the use of the appropriate tools and stimuli, the concepts will be fixed and will remain for much longer in the memory of the person who is taking the class.

The methodologies of the Glasser theory that contribute in the online learning

“Good education is one in which the teacher asks his students to think and is dedicated to fostering dialogue to verify the understanding and growth of students””

(William Glasser)

To put Glasser’s learning pyramid into practice, it is key to recognize some methodsthat will help determine a good academic background for the student. Here are some of the methodologies used in Glasser’s pyramid:


According to the theory, it is not only about transmitting knowledge, but also about proposing activities and workshops that give students the possibility of putting the concepts into practice and in discussion with other people so that in this way they can have the experience from real facts about the different topics covered in the lesson.


For Glasser’s pyramid theory, it is essential to implement and play with the stimuli of the students, since this type of methodologies allow to potentiate visual, auditory and emotional activities of each one of the people involved in the course, since these stimuli have the ability to complement each other in order to strengthen learning through these tools.

The Glasser´s pyramid is a learning method with enough relevance that Broward International University usually uses to reach its students and have a direct impact on their learning, who are located in different parts of the world, but are united by the same desire to learn. Learn more here .


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