Is it helpful to study for an MBA in entrepreneurship
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Is it helpful to study for an MBA in entrepreneurship?

Until recently, there was an antagonism between university knowledge and entrepreneurship. The latter was thought to be just a matter of creativity, intuition and other innate qualities. However, it has been shown that it is not only enough to generate ideas; Starting a business project is a complex task that requires many edges and knowledge in different fields.

Due to the above, more and more people choose to study university programs that help them acquire the necessary  skills to undertake. In the current offer, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) stands out. Why?

Basically, because they are programs 100% focused on the real business world, its challenges and opportunities. In addition, they stand out for their flexibility, since professionals from any field can take it and adapt it to their interests as it suits them.

This synergy between personal talent and academic knowledge is increasingly recognized around the world. In fact, rankings as important as Bloomberg BusinessWeek and QS value MBAs from leading business schools because of how many of their graduates manage to generate successful ventures.

What to study to undertake?

Studying an MBA is key to entrepreneurship, as it allows you to obtain constant feedback from other classmates and, above all, from professors with extensive experience in the business world.

In addition,due to the importance that entrepreneurship has gained today, universities increasingly provide MBAs with better content that allows them to develop the skills necessary to successfully launch a business idea.

Among these skills we find finance, because a venture can only survive if it becomes sustainable, and for this it is necessary to know how to handle its economic aspects and accounting.

In this sense, strategic management also stands out, a management tool that  helps establish the operation of the enterprise and plan the path that  must be followed in the short, medium and long term in order to achieve its goals.

Likewise, it is necessary to have knowledge in business and economics, since knowing the reality that surrounds our entrepreneurship at a local, regional, national or global level, can provide us with opportunities.

Other lesser-known skills have to do with the human aspect both inside and outside the venture.

On the outside, skills such as those related to communication and marketing stand out, since from these fields the tools that will allow the enterprise to establish an effective relationship with its target audience are determined.

But you can’t ignore what’s happening inside the business. Therefore, it is necessary to develop leadership skills  that contribute to the work team and employees feeling motivated for the development of their work.

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